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What is a “dedicated coverage”?

- A dedicated coverage enables an athlete to obtain a professional photographic service during a competition that Lu’nivers Athletics is covering. It mainly includes photos of you fighting, and as much as possible some portraits of you and your best moments with your corner.


When will I receive my photos ?

- We will try to do our best to edit your pictures and send them within 2 days after the competition.


How will I receive my photos ?

- You will receive your pictures through a We Transfer link by email.


In which format will I receive my photos ?

- Your pictures will be sent in High Definition in a JPEG format.


What happens if I have chosen the Silver package and I lose at my 1st fight ?

- It happens. However, you will still have the amount of pictures included in the package, but only from your 1st fight.

What happens if my fight happens earlier than it was planned ?

- It happens a lot. We will try to do our best, but in order to make sure we do not miss you, send us a message so that we can update your schedules.


Can I choose my photos ?

- It’s not possible, we will select the best pictures for you.


Can I give the photos to my sponsor ?

- No, It’s forbidden. Brands will have to buy the photo (commercial license) to be able to use them.


Do you edit all your photos ?

- Of course, we edit all the pictures we send, one by one.


Can I receive prints of my photos ?

- Yes, the best pictures of your dedicated coverage will be uploaded on our Smugmug gallery. You will be able to print them and make more objects (canvas, frames, mugs, keyring…) through the gallery. Do not hesitate to ask us if you need to print or make more of your pictures. 


Find all price information at the shop below the item.

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